A “Truth Tribune” of some sort called my office the other day, harassing the non-profit organization I work for because we “allow compulsive liars and drug addicts roam in our hallways.” As I reported the phone call to my boss, he laughed and said, “Well, that’s probably true!” I have tried to understand where this disgruntled newspaper column was coming from, but I just don’t get it. People make choices everyday that we might not agree with, but our value does not come from what we do or the choices we make. Our value comes from God. This is my inspiration and dependency. I cannot function in a mindset that defines value as the tasks I accomplish each day. There is rest for the weary soul when it recognizes that Jesus accomplished the perfect life, and offers His credentials to you.

I am so thankful for the gift of being creative. As a young girl, I used art as a means of escape from life’s trauma and disappointments. Now art has woven itself into my identity as God’s daughter. I have the opportunity to reflect His character by creating artwork with intentional design. After all, He is the Original Artist, and all art that follows is forgery of His design. My desire as an artist is to help people appreciate the world around them, whether that be through commissioned pet pieces or intricate detail on the petal of a flower. I hope to eventually use my creativity to open people’s eyes to God in the world around us, and to reveal His heart for justice and the value of human life.